It didn't take long for Collabro to move forward with album and tour plans following their Britain's Got Talent win, and now the fivesome have spoken to FemaleFirst in an exclusive interview answering all of ours and your questions!

What's life been like since winning Britain's Got Talent?

Since the BGT final we haven't had a spare minute to stop and really take in what we've achieved. It's been incredible so far and we are loving every second. Having people ask for our photo and autograph is amazing and we're still so grateful to everyone who voted!

Do you have plans for the money you won on the show?

All the boys have different plans but most involve treating all our families and paying our parents back for putting up with us all these years!

Oh and maybe buying a few gadgets from the Apple store, too!

How did it feel to be signed pretty much straight after the final?

We were in complete shock. Syco is so highly respected and only takes the best of the best so when we were told they wanted us and had already started on plans for an album and tour, we were on cloud 9.

What hopes do you have for your debut album?

We know we have such great support from our Collaborators and know that they have all pre-ordered our album on Amazon. We just really want to keep making music and let this journey last a long time. We have stuck true to our style and hope that the public buy the album and love it as much as we do.

What should those coming to see you on tour expect from the show?

We are honoured to be able to travel the country and perform to the people who have made this dream a reality. We will be putting on a show filled with musical numbers, obviously, but also putting a Collabro twist on other songs so there's something for everyone!

You'll be touring with Lucy Kay, should we expect any collaborations?

Ahh now that would be telling. But we are so happy Lucy is touring with us. She's a lovely girl and a great talent. Maybe we should ask the fans what songs they might want to hear us do and then we could try and make it happen!

If you could work with anyone going forward, who you choose and why?

We believe that collaborations could be our big thing, especially given our name. We have spoken about getting Ruthie Henshall to be a female vocalist for us as she's a musical queen and she was such a fan during BGT! 

Do you have any other passions besides singing?

We are all quite sporty. Michael and Matt have been playing tennis together and Richard is still playing rugby with his old team every now and again. Jamie and Tom are more into their sci-fi and Game Boys which is a great mix to have.

Fan submitted questions

Which of you takes the longest getting ready?


Would you consider dating a fan?

Three of the boys are very happy in their relationships so Michael and Jamie are the only two eligible but at the moment, we're working so hard that we don't think the fans would put up with our schedule!

What's the most important thing in your life?

Family and friends are so important to us at the moment. Jamie hasn't had time to go up North since the first audition aired and he's desperate to go back up. It's really important to keep close to the people who have helped us get to where we are.

If you could only sing one song for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

'Stars' of course.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Matt- Michelle Keegan
Michael - Cheryl Cole
Richard - Ashley Roberts
Tom - Rita Ora
Jamie - Pudsey The Dog!

Collabro's debut album 'Stars' is released August 18 via Syco Music. Details on their tour with Lucy Kay can be found here.

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