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As the biggest girl group on the planet right now, Little Mix are having no problem in proving that British talent is some of the best, travelling round the world and showing off their skills behind a microphone and in front of a camera lens.

FemaleFirst recently caught up with band member Perrie Edwards to talk about the group's latest single 'Salute', filming for the music video and much more.

You recently released the music video for 'Salute', how was the experience of filming that video?

'Salute' was so much fun to film because it was so different to what we've done before. I just really enjoyed it.

How long did it all take to come together?

It took quite a long time. Basically we were there from 5am until probably the following 2am.

That was the first shoot that I literally didn't wanna go home from. Even though I was so tired and my body was aching from doing the choreography all day I just didn't wanna leave! I was like: 'Oh, I love it!'. I loved having my hair in dreads, it was just so cool, I really enjoyed it.

You're asking fans to get involved in the creation of the lyric video for the song, how can they take part?

So they take part by making their own videos. So, basically our fans are so creative, they're always making their own pictures and videos of themselves and stuff, so we thought if we could get them to show how 'Salute' represents them and what they get from 'Salute', and that kind of vibe and stuff.

Whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, we literally are so close to our fans we try to be there for as many things as they can take part with as possible. We always get them involved and this is just a way for them to get involved.

Two hugely successful albums in, how do you feel now after all that?

It just always feels a bit mental to be honest! We're so proud of everything we've achieved in such a small amount of time. We feel like we've done so much yet it's not been that long if you really think about it, considering we've only been together for three years but, we're just so proud and we just keep working hard, and we'll just see where everything takes us.

Going forward is there anyone you'd really like to work with on new material?

We'd love to work with Pharrell, because we love Pharrell. We love Macklemore, we love loads of artists really, so loads of people!

This year you toured Canada and America with Demi Lovato, how did you find the response from those crowds?

Oh that was absolutely amazing. When we first found out we would be supporting her we were talking to each other and were like: 'Right. We're going to America, people might not know who we are, so let's just go out there, kick some ass, and perform to the best of our ability to try and win people over', because literally we thought we'd step out on the stage and it'd be tumbleweed. (laughs)

We first got there and it was the first show in Canada - in Vancouver - and then the Little Mix screens went on at the side of the stage and it was like: 'duh duh duh duh Little Mix! Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy' or whatever, and it came up and the crowd just roared, and we were like: 'oh my God, oh my God they're shouting for us!' - it was so weird. We were like little school girls! We were like: 'Hahahaha!', it was so cool!

Then everything just went really well over there to be honest. We got such a good reaction from all the fans and we did loads of promo while we were out there so yeah, it was brilliant. We just couldn't have hoped for it to go any better really!

You're now in the midst of touring the UK, what's that experience been like so far?

Oh, it's the best time of our lives! Literally, touring is the best thing that could ever happen. You're in a nice routine, it's nice to relax, you're doing what you love which is performing to all the fans. You get that buzz of performing and hearing the crowd sing back to you. You don't have to go to the venues until about 2pm, so you get a lie-in! (laughs) It's a total different way of working to what we're used to, because normally we're up at 2am for TV, morning television shows, we have promo, we have writing sessions!

What should those coming to a show expect?

A massive show. Full-on performance. Loads of choreography. Big harmony moments. We've changed up a lot of the songs as well, so like 'DNA' we've changed up, we've changed up 'Move', we've just done loads of bits and bobs with the songs. Costumes! Everything. Just expect a massive show and to walk away loving life.

You've obviously had some big moments in your career so far but what would you say are some of the strangest moments you've seen?

I would say every time when we perform, and the crowd sings the lyrics back. That is what I live for.

And when we go to America or Japan and everyone's like: 'Little Mix!' - that's just weird! We haven't been over there that much, just a few times.

Have you ever had any strange fan gifts or fan mail?

I think our fans are normally really, really good with presents. We get some nice gifts and they would never give us anything weird I don't think! They always just give us nice gifts.

Will you be tuning into X Factor this year?

Oh! We are massive X Factor fans, I love X Factor.

With a space still open on the panel would you ever consider joining?

Oh I thought the panel was already set! All I know is that Cheryl is doing it and that's all I'm excited about. I literally love Cheryl, so I can't wait for that.

Finally, do you have any other projects in the pipeline you can share some details about?

Well, we've currently started writing for the third album which is very exciting. We've had a few sessions but I think it's gonna take a bit of time. We don't wanna rush anything and we don't wanna put out anything that's not ready, so we're gonna take the time and make it the best it could be. It'll still be that Little Mix sound but we're always up for changing sounds and going with the flow, and being really adventurous with our music.

Little Mix's new single 'Salute' is released on Sunday.

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