Meital has been hailed the Israeli Lady Gaga, and she's making waves with ease on the Billboard Dance charts with her new single 'Give Us Back Love'.

We got some time with the upcoming star about her love of music, what we can expect from her in the future and just where she draws inspiration and influence for her music.

When did you realise you had a passion for music?

I've always been extremely passionate about music. It's always been a huge source of inspiration in my art, and where I draw a lot of emotion from which to create. I didn't know I was going to be a singer though until I met with a spiritual guide in Israel who told me that I should be making music. That very same week back in LA, I met the producer Che Pope and we started making music almost immediately! So it started as a personal passion, and then music very quickly became a profession and way of life!

What are some of your earliest music-related memories?

I had a piano teacher for some time however all I remember was his very skinny fingers and the fact that he really liked cheese sandwiches.

Unfortunately I still don't know how to play the piano. Also, when I was 13 years old I was a competitive swimmer, won 3rd in the Israeli 100M freestyle race and I would always listen to Fleetwood Mac as I was warming up.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I love and breathe art, however i don't it as a choice but as a destiny or a decision that chooses you. I think I like to surprise myself and of course the audience. I like to make people think and I like to express it by different forms of media. singing, dancing, acting, and fine art.

Where do you find influence from for your music?

I think I draw influence from my life, and also my observations of everything I see. I'm always drawn to subjects of sexuality. I fascinated by the evolution of feminism, and the modern state of gender relations. Are men men anymore? Are women, women anymore? Sometimes I even use humour to speak to greater social issues as I think it's a great way to reach people.

How do you take being compared to artists such as Lady Gaga?

I'm very grateful to be compared to great artists and beautiful women such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Kesha, Debbie Harry. I know they all very different from each and they are all great woman so hell.. why not?

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I love all kinds of music, some inspirations are endless. Some artists I like better like Eminem, Bob Marley, Beatles, Yoko Ono, Madonna, Portishead, Air, Massive Attack and more. My music is fusing elements of dance, electro-pop and R&B so I'm just soaking up everything that moves me!

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

I just launched my new song and its only my 3rd song ever. Its going insanely well, already on 9 charts and I'm so excited!

No. 1 on iTunes Dance Chart in Italy,
No. 4 on UK’s Commercial Pop Club Chart,
No. 7 in the US Billboard Club Chart,
No. 33 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart,
No. 3 on Kings of Spins,
No. 5 on Chart Jeffrey/Disastronaut /Audio Sushi Chart Fix,
No. 16 on the Upfront Club Chart, and
TOP 20 on Cool Cuts Chart & DMC Buzz Chart.

Where do you hope to be at this time next year?

I'd like to be on a beach in St Barth's!

Do you have any projects in the pipeline you can share with us?

There's a lot going on right now! I'm developing a TV show, producing and starring in two feature films, and finishing my album! Sleep is for the weak, right?

Meital's latest single 'Give Us Back Love' is available now.

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