Meital is set to return with her brand new single Give Us Back Love while there is also an album on the horizon.

We caught up with her to chat about both her music as well as her film projects.

- You are about to release your new single Give Us Back Love so what can fans expect from the new track?

Give Us Back Love is a prayer for love and light in the universe.

- Some people will be coming to your music for the first time with this track so how would you describe the sound? And how does it compare/differ to the music that you have put out before?

My music is different genres of electro pop from dubstep to dance to trap to chill lounge music performed by me, a multi-media artist.

- How have you found the response to the track so far?

Whats really exciting is that it hasn't even been officially
released in the US and its already on 5 charts.

I'm incredibly lucky and blessed that people are just loving this song and feeling connected to it already.

The responses have been more than gorgeous. I'm so honored and happy that were already Top 20 on four charts and 3rd most rated track on Kings of Spins. Hallelujah, thanks to all the awesome DJs!

- Is there a new album on the horizon? If so what can we expect from it - is it going to follow a similar sound to this new single?

Well since my album is a different genre of electro pop it may be different lets wait and see. Shraks!

- You are an actress as well as a singer so how do you find juggling both careers?

It's funny because people always ask me that, assuming its a huge challenge, and its actually one of the easier things about my life.

I find that when you are born to be a performer, whether you are singing, acting or juggling fruit on top of your head, its still about expressing yourself and connecting with an audience.

It can be tricky when schedules overlap, but airplanes are my best friend and I always make time in my life to do both things that I love.

- You kicked off your career in acting so why did you make the leap into music? Is it something that you always wanted to do?

Well the story of my music career begins with a spiritual guide in my homeland of Israel.

I was doing Dancing with the Stars and she told me that when I came back to the US, I was meant to start making music. I thought it was a shitty idea, but not now maybe I still think so..

- You have worked in TV and film during your career so how do the two mediums compare/differ?

Meital: I think in TV/Film I'm trying to make Meital invisible because I want to completely become the character that I'm playing. The less you can see of me and the more you can see of the invented character, the better.

WIth music I get to play this larger than life version of myself. Everything on the stage is super big and its all about fantasy in a big way.

- Yael Hoffman is one of your biggest roles in Weeds, so how sad was it to leave that show behind? And how would you sum up your time there when you look back on it now?

Playing Yael on weeds was super exciting and an amazing experience. I was born to play a religious school principal with a Dildo fetish, so yeah, that was just perfect casting I think. Don't you?

It's always hard to leave a cast + crew after you've bonded with them, but I'm lucky enough that they had me come back this season and guest star in a the 100 episode.

- You have completed work on both The Sumo Wrestler and Don Peyote, so can you tell me a bit about those projects?

So sorry but my lips are sworn to secrecy on both projects until they come out! But I have anew movie with Michael Imperioli called Foreclosure coming out.

It's always dangerous to talk about projects until they are completely finished, because so much can really change in the edit room.

- Are we going to be seeing you in the UK any time soon playing some live shows?

Absolutely! I was just in London and I'm there quite often for shows. I find that the UK community is super open-minded and really early adopters of new music.

They tend to not be shocked by things that shock everyone else so its really fun to perform with that audience and just let my self go totally crazy up there..

- Finally what is next for you?

There's so much going on right now. I'm touring Europe. I'm finishing my album. I'm releasing my Give Us Back Love music video. I have a TV project and feature film in development.

Fall and Winter 2013 are going to be totally bananas, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

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