Releasing his brand new album earlier this month, Peter Andre has spent 20 years in the spotlight following the release of global hit single 'Mysterious Girl'.

Now he's back reworking some of music's biggest songs, and we got the chance to put some questions to him not only about that, but his time on Strictly Come Dancing this year and much more.

Your new album 'Come Fly With Me' is out now - what should fans who haven't yet listened to the record expect?

I really hope my fans will experience live music with great songs. It's different to anything else I've done as it's the first time everything is live.

There's a surprise or two on the record - 'Mysterious Girl' being one of them - why did you decide to rework that track?

It's been 20 years since I released 'Mysterious Girl' and I really wanted to celebrate that by doing a completely different version. I hope everyone likes the big band feel.

Have you always been a fan of Rat Pack standards and big band classics?

Yes, I've always loved the Rat Pack and all these wonderful, classic songs.

Can you tell us a little bit about a typical day recording for this album in the studio?

Studio days are great, but sometimes they go on until the early hours. It's great fun and something I truly love.

How does the process work of getting the instrumental and band in with the music?

On this occasion, due to rehearsals for Strictly Come Dancing, I had to come in after the musicians had recorded their parts, so I can't wait to try this again on stage when we will be together.

This is your first release under your new deal with East West Records/Warner Music - what has it been like working with this label?

They are an amazing label and I'm so grateful to them for what they have done for me and [for] believing in me. Our first album together has already proved a success by going top five in the UK album charts. I feel confident that we will continue working together now.

You worked with producer Nick Southwood on this record, what was that experience like?

Nick is an extremely talented man and I loved working with him. I actually love his work ethic. He has the patience of a saint and his family are lovely too.

You're also currently taking part in Strictly Come Dancing - why did you decide to do the show this year?

I just felt the time was right and it is by far the best show on telly in my opinion. Great family entertainment.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

How does it feel to be one of the favourites to win at such an early stage?

Very kind but there are many great contenders this year and so I'm happy to be a part of it.

What should fans of the show expect from you this coming weekend?

I will be a ghost this weekend for Halloween so I hope you can see me! (laughs)

Finally, what's next for you going into next year?

Very happy to announce my 2016 UK tour including arenas and theatres. It's gonna be a blast so I welcome everyone for a great night. Also, my coffee business is expanding, new projects and of course, lots more music!

Peter Andre's album 'Come Fly With Me' is out now - catch him on Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One this Saturday and Sunday, October 31 and November 1.

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