After half a decade in the music industry, it seems like just yesterday when Pixie Lott exploded onto the scene and now five years into her career, she doesn't seem ready to let go just yet.

With her brand new single scheduled for release at the end of July, a new album finished and prepared to drop in August and more, Pixie's career is on fire and the star is shining brighter than ever.

FemaleFirst got the opportunity to chat to Pixie about her time in the industry so far, what to expect from her new music and much more in an exclusive interview.

You're to release your new single 'Lay Me Down' at the end of the month, what is it about this song that you love?

I wanted my second single to have a bit of tempo so people can dance to it if they want, but the reason why I loved it was because it's sort of got a moody, mysterious vibe to it, I thought when I heard it.

The lyric is a bit more meaningful, it's a bit more heartfelt than my previous single 'Nasty' which was complete fun, a funky fun number, but this lyric is a bit more meaningful yeah.

So I just thought it would be a good second single to get people excited for the album and then I can release my ballads as my third single.

How was the experience of filming the music video for the track in Cannes?

Oh I loved it, I've never been to the south of France before and then I got to go twice in one week, because I had to go for something else as well, and it's a beautiful place, I loved it, even if I wasn't in the video and had nothing going on, if they just took footage of the scenery I would have been happy, just because it's so beautiful there.

What should fans expect from the other tracks on your forthcoming self-titled album?

The soulful sound is the whole way through, which is exciting for me because it's my favourite style of music and I really get to sing in it. All of the songs have that style and I am so excited to perform them live with my band, we've got a brass section so I can really get into it! The first time I'll be doing that will be at my album launch which will be the week of the release.

What's the process like when putting together a new album?

Every process has been different. This process has been my favourite because it's my favourite style of music so I feel it's most like me. I've worked with a smaller group of people so I've really got to make it personal and really get to know the writers and producers and play off on them, whereas in the past on my other albums I worked with tonnes of people and I'd be out in LA for two months, and I'd be working with a different person every single day, so it's a bit of a crazy experience, so I actually prefer working with a smaller group of people - it feels more natural.

Did you end up having to cut quite a lot of tracks?

Yes I did, I recorded tonnes of stuff and I've written tonnes of stuff, so that's always hard to pick just 12 songs for the album, and of course they'll be tonnes of songs on my iTunes that no-one will get to hear which is a shame, but again yeah, it has been my most favourite process of making an album this time round.

What do you think of emerging British talent nowadays such as Ella Henderson and Ella Eyre?

I think there's some real great talents around, and it's great to hear people with amazing voices.

I'm really interested with new talents and stuff like that, because I run a little acoustic night at my local pub, and it's completely just for fun to get new artists heard by music industry people and meet other musicians etc.

Every month me and my best friend find four new talents whether it's word of mouth, or through YouTube or something, and they come down and play their new material just for fun and meet new people, and every month we do it for a different charity and try to raise money as well.

What advice do you have for young aspiring singers?

I think it is to go for every opportunity and every audition, every open-mic night like the night me and my friend put on, and if you can't imagine doing anything else it's working hard, writing, meeting as many people as you can in the industry and just not giving up because everybody has set-backs and I think that's when it's easy to just stop, but it is possible for anyone to achieve, so I think you've gotta just keep it up.

Has the time since your debut seemed to fly by?

It has flown by since my debut but it also feels like I've done so much in that amount of years. Because I've always been singing and making music and trying to be an artist, from as young as I can remember, it also feels like a really long time, but yeah I can't imagine doing anything else anyway.

How would you say you've evolved as an artist?

I think I've just matured. I think this album sounds more mature, I think I just learned more and obviously my first single came out when I was 18, so hopefully I've learned a few life lessons since then, and I'd like to think I'm not as naive as maybe I was when I first started out, so just learning a few things along the way.

If you could work with anybody going forward, who would you choose and why?

Current people, I would like to work with Bruno Mars, who wouldn't? But also it's fun when people from different genres get together so it would be great to work with a dance producer or an indie band or someone that's not expected, that would be fun.

You've grown such a strong fanbase of millions, have you ever received any strange fan gifts?

I always get the best gifts from them! I absolutely love them. The best fan books, loads of amazing memories and cute little things like accessories.

Recently I just got back off holiday and I saw a few of them at the airport, and they'd made me a little holiday hamper and it had a special Tinkerbell towel, and a beach hat, and they made me a special cat pillow, so it's all really cute stuff!

Finally what should we expect from you in the coming months?

Well I think definitely the single and the album are gonna be the main focus, and just a few shows that are coming up like my album launch, and I'm gonna do a few shows in Soho I think, and then my third single will be out after my album, and I'll be doing festivals like V Festival! Still running my acoustic nights for the new singers, but yeah the main focus is gonna be on the album and making sure people can hear it!

Pixie Lott's new self-titled album is out August 4 following the release of her latest single 'Lay Me Down' on July 28.

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