Libratone and Sigma have teamed up to make the epic track Nightingale. In a world first, the interactive video for Nightingale uses fan created footage recorded at parties across the world taken from the view of the Libratone ZIPP speaker using a 360 degree camera. Check out the 360 video at

Simon Peschcke-Køedt, Global Marketing Director for Libratone said: "Sigma were the obvious partner to help launch the ZIPP speaker. In creating a world-first 360 degree music video for Nightingale, we feel that it perfectly sums up the ZIPP's ability to liberate music; projecting sounds into every corner of a room and putting Libratone at the heart of the home."

We got the opportunity to chat to the musical duo about the project, their work and much more in a new and exclusive interview - find out what they had to say below...

What's it been like working with Libratone to create new track 'Nightingale'?

It was a completely new way of approaching a project for us. Libratone gave us a lot of freedom to be creative, combining the unique lyrics and keys with our more recognisable style. We're very happy with the outcome.

How much of a collaborative experience was it making this track?

We had the basic idea for the track for 'Nightingale' for a while, but working with the Libratone team really helped us take it in a new direction that we probably wouldn't have heard ourselves.

There's a new and innovative 360 degree music video for the track - how does it feel to be a part of this world first?

Exciting! It's a special piece of tech, Libratone gave us one of the 360 cameras to try out for ourselves! We've been having a lot of fun with it in the studio and out and on the road, maybe not good enough for the final cut, though!

With the world of music constantly changing and evolving, what sort of challenges have you faced in the industry?

Everyone is still finding their feet with streaming so we'll see how that goes. The engagement with fans is another change. Once your work is online it's out there for everyone to access, you can get pretty much instant feedback so you need to be prepared. Change is good, it's allowed us to work with some amazing people.

You've just been announced as headliners for Liverpool International Music Festival this year - what are your feelings ahead of that gig?

It's looking like a big one! Summer is shaping up nicely at the moment and we're taking our live show to Liverpool for the first time so be ready for a party!

The pair of you have seen some huge success in recent years - does it ever sink in that you've become such big stars?

We never expected to be where we are right now and there have been quite a few 'pinch yourselves' moments, but we don't think we're big stars. We do sometimes get recognised in the supermarket though! It's nice to meet people who enjoy our music but we think we've got it on a good level at the moment.

Going ahead who would you love to work with on new material if you could pick anybody, and why?

Someone who we've been listening to a lot lately and mentioned a few times is Raleigh Ritchie. He's got all the makings of a great songwriter in the music he's been released, so it would be interesting to combine styles.

What should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

We're back on the road with our live show for a headline tour of the UK at the end of March. We're playing Norwich, Manchester, Nottingham and O2 Academy Brixton. It's the biggest venues yet so we're ramping up the production of the whole thing - expect the biggest and best yet!

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