Simon Webbe

Simon Webbe

Taking part in the first series of The Big Reunion, Blue paved the way for a second series with their cheeky personas and massive personalities drawing in the viewers each and every week.

It's that great aura about Blue that has seen them invited to tour once again with their fellow Big Reunion boy bands for a special tour, and Female First got the opportunity to chat to member and heartthrob Simon Webbe about just why he agreed to the tour, Eurovision and his relationship with the other Big Reunion boy band members.

What led to the decision to go on tour with the Big Reunion boy bands?

It was the easiest decision to make, we loved the last Big Reunion tour and jumped at the opportunity of doing it all again boy band style!

If you could pick one of the girl bands from The Big Reunion to join the tour who would you choose and why?

That’s unfair to choose one! They’re all great and hugely talented.

How do you get on with the other bands on the tour?

From the last tour we all got on really well. We used to do tours with them back in the day, like Smash hits etc so it was great to be reunited and back on the road together. I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the bands from this year’s reunion too.

How did you find the experience of filming The Big Reunion?

It was quite surreal at times, looking around the room and seeing all of the bands together again. I had a lot of fun filming it and it was an eye opener listening to what other bands went through.

You represented Eurovision in 2011, will you be watching the competition this year?

I don’t watch the show myself but I wish this year’s contender all the luck. It was a great experience.

What's your wildest or craziest moment from your career so far you haven't shared with anybody yet?

Wouldn’t you like to know! 

Should fans expect supergroup collaborations on the tour or following?

Watch this space... On the last tour we went on to sing with Five and they came to sing with us so who knows!?

If you could take a member from one of the other bands on this tour for Blue, who would you choose?

I’m very happy with my boys so wouldn’t take anyone else... no offence to the other boys!

Going forward, do Blue have any plans to release new material?

Yes we have lots of things in the pipeline all to be revealed soon!

The Big Reunion Boyband Tour will play 15 Arena's across UK & Ireland this October and November. Tickets on sale now at

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