McVities has announced it will be launching a nationwide search to find the 'new voice' of its popular 80s biscuit, the 'Trio'. The chocolate bar, and its iconic 'Triiio' jingle, was a firm fan favourite in the 80s, so McVities is marking its comeback by launching a competition to find its new voice for modern audiences, partnering with another 80s favourite - pop star Sinitta - to find Britain's next 'jingle star'.

We got the chance to chat to Sinitta all about the 80s, the new competition and more - read on to find out what she had to say...

You're on the lookout for the new voice of Trio, so what are you looking for when judging entries?

I'm looking for someone energetic, with a -distinctive- voice. That can mean funny or fabulous, but memorable!

Will you be indulging when Trio returns?

Before we did the shoot for the launch I told myself that I'd only have a bite or two, but I have to admit I just couldn't resist indulging. So many great memories came flooding back - they used to be on my dressing room rider on tour in the 80s!

The chocolate bar's from the 80s as you mentioned, what are some of your favourite jingles from that time?

There were so many classic 80s theme songs and jingles. I loved that you could always sing along with the ads in the 80s, like 'wherever there's meat, there's Bisto', the Shake and Vac, 'if you like a lotta chocolate on your biscuit, join our club!', and of course, 'Trriiiio!'

Which trends of the 80s do you think should make a comeback?

Oh Wham! Haha! I was so in love with them, and maybe Bros - I was a little bit in love with them, too!

Your hit 'So Macho' came out in the 80s, if you re-released today who would you like to collaborate with?

I would want to collaborate with either Naughty Boy or Craig David, and I'd love to see Rita Ora get her chops around it, she has a helluva voice!

You're involved in the Who Shot Simon Cowell? Saturday Night Takeaway sketch, who's your money on?

All I can say is that whilst he didn't take me to Judge's Houses last year or make me a judge, it wasn't me! I DO think Olly and Flacky looked like they were up to no good!

What have you got coming up in the coming weeks and months?

Thank you for asking, I'm making my own shows at my Studio 16 and I will be appearing in a very popular primetime show that I can't announce yet, so stay tuned!

The competition launches today at 1pm (Wednesday 9th March) and the winner will receive a trio of prizes (naturally) - £3,000 prize money, an all-expenses-paid recording day to lay down their version of the song, and a spot on national radio station, Capital FM, where their winning entry will be played to the nation.

Budding vocalists simply have to film themselves singing the theme tune, and then post their entry to the McVitie's social pages using the #iwantatrio hashtag - more information can be found at

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