Ever since their debut all the way back in 2010, The Overtones have gained legions of loyal fans who adore their style of music. Bringing vocal harmonies back to the British public in a way that had been missing for some time, the group have cemented a legacy unlike many we've seen before.

The Overtones release their new album on October 19

The Overtones release their new album on October 19

Everything was going extremely well for The Overtones, but in April of this year, tragedy struck. Founding member Timmy Matley passed away on April 9, 2018, with his fellow band members left distraught.

Honouring Timmy in the best way they know how, Mark Franks, Lachlan Chapman, Mike Crawshaw and Darren Everest have come together as The Overtones once more, and are set to release their new self-titled album next week.

Ahead of release, we caught up with Mike and Lachlan to talk all about the new record, their upcoming Christmas concerts, and more.

You're back with a new album, out on October 19 - what should listeners expect from this record?

Lachlan - This album has been such a labour of love. We have carefully chosen our songs on the album because we wanted to share our sadness, and the sadness of our fans after the loss of our friend and bandmate Timmy. But at the end of the day, we are still The Overtones and that means we need to start the party. We’re so proud of the album. The best way we can describe it is you’ll grab your dancing shoes with one hand and maybe a Kleenex with the other.

This is obviously your first LP without Timmy; how did you guys find the whole experience this time round of getting together and recording this album?

Mike - Honestly it was weird that there was only the four of us in the studio but we were determined to produce an album that honoured Timmy and also honour what The Overtones fundamentally is. We’ve built a very tight bond during our years together as friends and colleagues and because of that closeness we were able to sensitively work through our heartbreak and sadness. The process has been very therapeutic ultimately. We’ve laughed and cried, we’ve reminisced and remembered. I feel like our relationships within the group have gone to a new level now.

You'll be heading out on tour from November and through December; what should your fans coming to those Christmas gigs expect?

Lachlan - Our tour will be a massive celebration of The Overtones, our past, our present and our future and the times we have shared and will share with our fans. Every time we announce we are going on the road, tens of thousands of people see our adverts and buy a ticket simply because they know we will give them an amazing night out. We’re incredibly proud of this and this tour will be no different. We’ll be giving everyone a beautiful, sentimental, rip-roaring knees up!

You released You To Me Are Everything a little earlier this year; what was the reaction like to that track?

Mike - In some way, Timmy has continued to influence the feel of this album and one of those influences is, You To Me Are Everything. When Timmy was a child he thought the title was You Timmy Are Everything. So apart from it being a wonderful song, our sentiment behind it adds an even more special element here. The fans have loved it so we’re thrilled.

Can you reveal any of the other songs you've covered on the new album?

Lachlan - The album is full of very personal songs to us and the times we have all shared together. We are incredibly proud to be sharing the very last song we will have recorded as a five piece with our Timmy. We recorded it some time ago for another album and we didn’t use it but we all, always loved it. It is our version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and it is so poignant and so beautiful. Timmy sounds amazing as he always did and always will.

When you're not recording, touring, performing or the like, how do you like to spend your time relaxing and winding down?

Mike - I like spending time at home with my wife Kerry. We go for long walks and love a National Trust! I also go to the gym a lot. I don’t find it particularly relaxing but do feel better for it. I’m also a theatre producer with Slamdunk Entertainment and we have a great Irish dance show called Emerald Storm, going out on a major U.K. tour in October. So between that and The Overtones, relaxing really isn’t too much of an option for me right now.

If you could collaborate with anybody moving forward, who would you choose and why?

Lachlan - I’ve always wondered what sound would come out of a collaboration with us and Mark Ronson. He’s such a fan of the sound of the 50s and 60s and he brought 80s screaming back with Uptown Funk. He’s the king of vintage and always makes it sound so contemporary.

What would you say are some of your most shocking or surprising favourite musicians or bands?

Mike - You know what the first album I ever bought was Nevermind by Nervana. Even now when I listen to it I love it. I also LOVE a musical and of course I love Motown, Soul etc. I’ve got quite an eclectic taste really.

How will you be spending the next few months in the run-up to your tour?

Lachlan - It has been such a busy few months, so much to process and so much to create. When we wrapped the album, I think we all slept for two days! We have a real desire to go and take a lads break somewhere, with a pint of beer and the last of the sunshine. We hear there is an Overtones tribute band in Benidorm and we think it would be hilarious and good fun to just rock up one night. Benidorm, you have been warned haha!

The Overtones will release their new self-titled album on Friday, October 19, 2018.

2018 tour dates: http://gigst.rs/OT

  • Tue 20 Nov 2018               Queens Theatre Barnstaple
  • Thu 22 Nov 2018              Watford Colosseum
  • Fri 23 Nov 2018                 Bath Pavilion
  • Sat 24 Nov 2018               Torquay Princess Theatre
  • Mon 26 Nov 2018            Ipswich Regent
  • Tue 27 Nov 2018              Worthing Assembly Hall
  • Wed 28 Nov 2018            Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
  • Fri 30 Nov 2018                Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre
  • Sat 01 Dec 2018                Llandudno Venue Cymru Theatre
  • Mon 03 Dec 2018              Sheffield City Hall
  • Tue 04 Dec 2018               Scunthorpe Baths Hall
  • Wed 05 Dec 2018             Cambridge Corn Exchange
  • Fri 07 Dec 2018                 Southend Cliffs Pavilion
  • *added matinee show due to phenomenal demand*
  • Sat 08 Dec 2018                Birmingham Symphony Hall
  • *added matinee show due to phenomenal demand*
  • Mon 10 Dec 2018             Manchester Bridgewater Hall
  • Tue 11 Dec 2018               Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
  • Thu 13 Dec 2018              Gateshead Sage 1
  • Fri 14 Dec 2018                 York Barbican
  • Sat 15 Dec 2018               Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
  • Mon 17 Dec 2018             Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
  • Tue 18 Dec 2018              Salisbury City Hall
  • Wed 19 Dec 2018             Guildford G Live
  • Thu 20 Dec 2018              London Indigo O2

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