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Tito Jackson's back on the music scene, and collaborating with rising Chinese artist Ayi Jihu as well as Brazilian star Edu Casanova on a brand new track called 'Bola Vez'.

Introduced through Tito's manager Vie Billups, the pair hit it off immediately and have many plans for their future.

"She's tied to the Asian cultures and I'm tied to the Western cultures. We lend each other favour this way." Tito said about working with Ayi.

"Just to record with a beautiful artist that is up and coming, all these great things are gonna come her way in the future - it's good to be a part of that."

Taking the compliments in her stride, Ayi struggled to hide her excitement.

"I've always been a Jackson 5 fan, so meeting a member from the Jackson 5 for me is definitely a dream come true, and he's an amazing person." she said, also describing Tito as a "gentle soul".

Growing up, Ayi didn't speak a word of English - apart from when she was singing along to Michael Jackson tracks, despite not knowing the meaning of the lyrics she was belting out from such a young age.

"That shows you that when music is magical it has no barriers." she said, "That's what I love about it, it brings everyone together."

Confirming that he will be releasing a solo record in the "near future", it was also revealed that Tito had started work on 'Bola Vez' as soon as stepping off his flight from Japan.

"I have to give big props to him." said Ayi, "He literally landed from a 14 hour flight, we went straight into recording, he had to remember all these lyrics and had to shoot a video - can you imagine the pressure on him!?"

Clearly excited, Ayi also told of how Tito had already agreed to work on another track for her second studio album 'The Rebirth'.

"Tito already promised that he wants to work with me again, and he's nodding his head!" she exclaimed through giggles.

On top of all this, Ayi is to become the first Chinese artist to ever perform at the Brazilian Carnival alongside Edu, making history at the prestigious event.

The track - a collaboration between Tito, Ayi and Edu is to be released later this year.

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