Fall Out Boy Sleep Rough For African Kids.... Fall Out Boy slept on the streets for a good cause at the weekend when they took part in an event aimed at raising awareness for Uganda's homeless street soldiers.The group joined fans in Los Angeles on Saturday (28Apr07) and created a small `cardboard community' for the Invisible Children charity.Bass player Pete Wentz says, "There are these crazy camps where people are forced to live, and they live on the equivalent of a pack of crackers and water and they sleep outside all the time."We decided to go out and do that... They did it in like in 10 or 15 cities across America and we did it with, like, 6,000 people. It was pretty crazy."There was cardboard houses and it was a weird experience but... it felt like something we should be doing."But the rocker accepts that living on the streets in California is nothing compared to the hardship street kids in Uganda face.He adds, "Pizza Hut was just down the street, so if it got really bad..."

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