James Brown's PA thinks he was murdered

James Brown's PA thinks he was murdered

James Brown's former publicist has hired a top private eye to investigate the soul legends death, as she thinks that he was murdered.

Jacque Hollander has never accepted that the Godfather of Soul suffered a heart attack and died on Christmas Day 2006 and she wants answers.

Hollander tells US tabloid the Globe: "James Brown did not die of a heart attack," and says she has received death threats for wanting to go public with her murder claims.

She is taking the threats seriously after Brown's son-in-law Darren Lumar was killed after he appeared on a local Georgia TV show and spoke about his thoughts surrounding Brown's death.

He said: "There's not a bone in my body that believes my father-in-law died from congestive heart failure."

Hollander believes that Lumar was killed because he knew too much: "He was going to tell the truth about what was done to James Brown. Now I am living in fear of my life because I'm the one who can bring forth the truth."

Private Investigator Tina Church insists that the publicist is onto something: "There's something fishy here... The evidence speaks for itself."

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