Hendrix Family are suing each other over Vodka named after Jimi Hendrix in a lawsuit between two members of the late guitar legend's family.Janie Hendrix, the adopted stepdaughter of Jimi's father AL, is suing the company that makes Hendrix Electric vodka for trademark infringement, false advertising and other unlawful acts.According to Washington newspaper the Seattle Times, Janie calls marketing the vodka in Hendrix's name a "sick joke".Meanwhile, Hendrix's brother LEON is actually a part owner of Electric Hendrix LLC, the company that makes the vodka.The company was founded by Seattle businessman Craig Dieffenbach, who funded Leon's legal battle to gain control of Hendrix's estimated $80 million (£41 million) estate away from Janie.Al Hendrix had given Janie control over his estate in 2002, after leaving Leon and several other family members out of his will.Jimi Hendrix died in 1970.

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