Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan considered suicide as she struggled with her battle against breast cancer.

The Nolans star was diagnosed with the disease in 2006 and, as part of her treatment, had a breast removed. The singer also lost her husband Brian Hudson to skin cancer around the same time - and she admits the emotional and physical pain she endured made her consider taking her own life.

She tells FemaleFirst; "I've been on to the Samaritans, all that. I never actually lined up the pills but I used to say to my sisters, 'You'd understand, wouldn't you, if you found me dead one day?' I never actually wanted to die. I just wanted it to stop - the pain, the hospitals."

"I would say to them (my sisters), 'You'd understand, wouldn't you? You'd say, 'It was for the best, now she is with Brian'.' But they'd say, 'No Linda, we wouldn't understand'."

Linda won her battle with breast cancer but her sister Bernie Nolan was diagnosed with the disease last month.

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