Flowers Convinced Of Own Death En Route To Glastonbury.... The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers was convinced he would die on his way to British music festival Glastonbury in 2005 - because the singer was superstitious of the date.The Mr Brightside rocker's appearance at the legendary English festival was jeopardised by his fear of the number '621' - a figure which came to him during an incident with a Ouija board in his teens.He says, "It's the month of my birth and the day of my birth - June 21, and I've always been convinced I would die on that date."I've felt that way ever since I played with a Ouija board when I was 13.It's a totally inconvenient date to be paranoid about because these days I'm usually playing a festival."A couple of years ago, I had to fly to Glastonbury on that day. I was crying my eyes out, convinced this was the end."

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