Adam Lambert says his fans will be "surprised" by his new solo music.

Adam Lambert on Client Magazine cover

Adam Lambert on Client Magazine cover

The 36-year-old singer - who is currently performing with Queen at their residency at the Park Theatre at Park MGM in Las Vegas - isn't rushing with his new album as he wants to make sure his new tunes are true to who he is, but he says his latest material is sounding like nothing else he's ever done before.

And the 'For Your Entertainment' hitmaker feels he's been able to experiment more with his style because he's not stuck to one genre.

In an interview with Client Magazine, for which he was photographed by Aitor Santome, he teased: "I've been waiting a long time to release new music, but I wanted to spend time on it to ensure that it was exactly what I wanted it to be, and also that everything was set up in the right way... It's different from anything I have done previously - I didn't feel tied to a trend or a genre and explored a lot more, so I think people might be surprised! I'm at a place where I really feel clear about who I am and what I stand for and I think that's going to reflect in the music."

Adam - whose last record was 2015's 'The Original High' - also admitted fronting Queen in the place of the late great Freddie Mercury has become like "second nature" to him, though it "intimidated" him at first.

He told the publication: "I was very shocked, but beyond ecstatic. But at first, I was definitely a little intimated. What would fans expect of me? How do I follow the iconic Freddie Mercury? I never wanted to imitate him but at the same time I never wanted to change the tracks.

"But I felt super comfortable with Brian May and Roger Taylor from the outset, so as time went by it all became like second nature to me.

"It was an honour to be asked to carry the torch for Freddie and continue the phenomenon by performing timeless songs, with the men that were part of the best rock band there's ever been."

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