Fatboy Slim says Adele is finding it hard to pen lyrics for her fourth record because she is so "happy".



The 53-year-old DJ - whose real name is Norman Cook - is neighbours with the 'Hello' hitmaker and the pair often go round one another's houses for a catch up on their music and to ponder life's ups and downs.

The 'Praise You' hitmaker agrees with the 29-year-old singer that they both write better songs when they are "depressed".

He said: "Adele told me how she's having difficulty writing her fourth LP.

"She said: 'I write all my best songs when I'm depressed, and I'm just really happy now.'"

Norman - who hasn't released a new record since 2010's 'Here Lies Love' - also teased that he is working on a song with a "hideously famous" pop star, but is keeping tight-lipped on who it is.

Meanwhile, the producer - who broke up with wife Zoe Ball, with whom he has children Woody, 16, and Nelly, six, in September after 18 years together - has complained of having a "wonky back" after decades behind the decks.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I have a slightly wonky back. It's from years of titling my head where my DJ headphones sit, and controlling the laptop I DJ on.

"I have to see a chiropractor once a month. But I had my hearing tested for the first time recently, and the doctor was amazed how good my hearing is! So, really, I can't complain."