Afrojack's still a normal person despite his fame.

After enjoying a super-fast rise to the top since his breakthrough back in 2011, the Dutch music producer claims he will always remain true to his humble beginnings.

Speaking in his new 'The March Of AfroJack' he says: "I'm out to show everyone that a normal person can do this, and I am a normal person. I wasn't famous five years ago, people will say 'Yeah Afrojack it's easy for you to say you're famous!' I wasn't famous five years ago."

Afrojack - real name Nick van der Wall - has co-written a string of hits including Pitbull and Ne-Yo 2011 track 'Give Me Everything', and fellow DJs David Guetta and Tiesto were keen to praise the star's innovative sound.

Guetta - who collaborated with Afrojack on 'Titanium' - mused: "He made music that should have been made in ten years, in like three years."

Tiesto added:"He invented a new sound that no-one else did before."

Meanwhile Afrojack claims he wants people to realise his success took a lot of hard work, telling MTV News: "I remember like eight years ago, I worked in Crete, a little island in Greece, and I DJed six days a week, eight hours a night, for 200 euros a week.

"I want people to see that it doesn't come from nothing, and that if you really put your heart into it, you will make it."

Afrojack is set to release his new single 'The Spark' November 10.

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