RAYE is "hungry and grateful" after being snubbed from the Grammy nominations.

RAYE says her best music is yet to come

RAYE says her best music is yet to come

The 26-year-old singer's 2023 acclaimed comeback album, 'My 21st Century Blues', failed to receive a single nod for the 2024 ceremony, but the 'Escapism' hitmaker isn't "upset" and insists it only makes her more determined to make her next release even better.

She wrote on X - formerly Twitter: "just a message to say thank you for all the lovely messages but just to let you know I am not upset at all, I am hungry and grateful

the Grammys are awarded for the best music has to offer and I have barely scratched the surface of what I know musically I can give (sic)"

The ‘Prada’ singer became an independent artist after parting ways with her former record company Polydor, and she never imagined having a No.1 with her massive track 'Escapism' with rapper 070 Shake and a number two with her independently released debut album.

She said of the music industry on Amazon Music's '+44 Podcast': "At the end of the day, being a musician is tough anyway, because you're putting out something to be judged, right? Being judged is always a difficult and intimidating thing for any human. But as a musician, you have to be at peace with the fact some people will hate what you do. Some people will like it. Some people will love it.

"But my purpose was, I have to love it. Otherwise, what's the point? And I started releasing these songs with no intention of being these big chart hits."

However, RAYE admits being fully in control of her career took some getting used to.

She said: "The most beautiful thing is realising that I don't have to ask permission anymore, that I genuinely am in control of my career. That took some serious adjusting to. You know, you really have to back yourself financially, and you have to go and go, and every detail matters. But the positives for me well outweigh the cons."