Becky Hill has admitted it's been "a long slog" to get recognised as an artist.

Becky Hill

Becky Hill

The 'Heaven On My Mind' hitmaker - who competed on the first series of 'The Voice UK' back in 2012 - has opened up about her journey from a reality TV contestant, to a songwriter and now a pop singer with a number of hits to her name.

Becky says it has been a challenging ride, but she no longer feels like she is just that person who featured on another artist's song.

She told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "It has been a long slog because for such a long time people didn't really know my name or my face.

"I had success with songs like 'Overdrive', 'Piece of Me' and 'Back and Forth' but I still felt like I was relatively unknown and the success I was getting on these tracks wasn't necessarily my success but the success of whoever's track I was featuring on.

"So it's really nice that actually over the past few years I have been going into the focus and I've been able to show people that actually I have been writing all of these songs, I write them, I sing them and they all come from so hopefully people will start investing in my artist career."

And the 26-year-old singer/songwriter - who was crowned the most-streamed British Female Artist on Spotify UK in 2019 - added that she is thankful to DJ-and-producer Sigala for allowing her to star in their music video for their hit 'Wish You Well' last year, because it was from then that she really started to feel like pop star.

She said: "I have done about nine or 10 features in my time and I've asked to be in the video for every single one and he was the only person who said: 'Yeah sure let's put you in the video.'

"I started to see a whole lot of good come from that song."

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