Becky Hill is moving to Ibiza.

Becky Hill moving to Ibiza

Becky Hill moving to Ibiza

The 29-year-old English singer and songwriter has decided to relocate to the Spanish island for the summer and she is looking forward to doing some writing there.

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I am going to be living out in Ibiza this year, which will be great.

“Hopefully I can do a bit of writing and settle into general life over there.

"It will be nice not having the stress of the plane touching down and racing to the venue.

"I have an apartment and I am going to fly my little dog called Pig out there. I missed her a lot last year.

“She had to spend a lot of time at her minder’s due to my schedule.

"I want to have a life in Ibiza instead of living out of a suitcase.”

However, Becky has no plans to throw herself into the clubbing scene in Ibiza as she has cut down on drinking.

She said: "My hangovers now last more than 24 hours which I am absolutely f****** gutted about. Alcohol stopped being my friend.

If I drink a little bit now, the implications of having a two-day hangover where I can’t get out of bed and do my job aren’t worth it.

“I get very negative on a hangover so I think it’s better for me to pick my moments instead of having a drink after a show or going out at the weekend.

“I definitely want to do some fitness retreats when I move to Ibiza.

"Right now I only know the clubs Hï and Amnesia, and they definitely don’t do health and fitness.”

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