Becky Hill is returning to her "raver roots" with her new music.

Becky Hill is returning to her 'raver roots' with her new music

Becky Hill is returning to her 'raver roots' with her new music

The 29-year-old singer has told fans her new tunes will be "more dance led", and she is "so proud" of the music she and her fellow writers have penned.

She shared some clips of her new tunes, and added in an Instagram caption: "i’m so excited about this year of music! thought i’d share some clips with you, it’s defo more dance led and back to my raver roots. i’ve written these with some of my favourite people and im so proud of what we’ve done. i’m currently writing a bit more, doing vocal productions with @ryanashleymusic generally jumping around my house blasting this stuff! time to take this s*** global man, this is the year i’m gonna do it (sic)"

But Becky admitted she won't be doing any upcoming collaborations as part of her new tunes, because she wants to "step out as my own artist".

She added: "u know what also, i ent gonna have features on my tunes this year, time to actually step out as my own artist, not me feat. f****** anyone, done with that now!!!! the confidence these comments have given me! (sic)"

Earlier this month, Becky admitted she is "so happy" with her new music.

She said: "The music that is coming out this year, I am so happy with it because I wanted to take it in more of a dance direction.

Because I kind of feel like with album one and the singles before it was almost like I was trying to please people."

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