Becky Hill feels like her hard work is finally “paying off”.

Becky Hill

Becky Hill

The 27-year-old singer shot to fame almost a decade ago when she competed on the first series of ‘The Voice’ and though it’s been a “wild” time since then, she couldn’t be happier.

She said: “It finally feels like this is my moment.

“It’s been wild. It finally feels like everything is paying off.

“The hard work, the graft, the endlessly writing songs.”

Becky will release her debut album, ‘Only Honest on the Weekend’ later this month, and the Better Off Without You’ hitmaker admitted she’s grateful she’s been able to spend so long working on the record.

She said: “That’s been the beauty of being able to spend 10 years writing an album.

“You can pick the best work that means the most to you, that has a really vivid snapshot of where you were and how you felt when you wrote the song.”

Many of the tracks on Becky’s new album were inspired by her five-year relationship with her boyfriend and she’s pledged to always sing about love, even though she’s reluctant to talk about her personal life.

She told Britain’s HELLO! Magazine: “I will always talk about love, whether it be going well, whether it be going badly.”

Becky will play a string of festival slots this summer and can’t wait to get back on stage after going so long without performing live because of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Live music is so powerful. You can really feel things that you will remember forever. I remember going to my first gig and I want to create that atmosphere for people.

“After the couple of years we’ve had, I just want to see people having the time of their lives with their loved ones.”

But the ‘I Could Get Used to This’ singer admitted one advantage to such a lengthy break from the stage was she could undergo vocal surgery seven months ago.

She explained: “I was born with a cyst on my vocal cords. [Now] my vocal ability, my vocal range and my vocal stamina has increased tenfold.”

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