Bobby Gillespie believes rock 'n' roll is "dead".

Bobby Gillespie

Bobby Gillespie

The Primal Scream frontman - who has sons Wolf, 17, and Lux, 14, with wife Katy England - insists there are no "interesting characters" and he can understand why young people are more interested in grime magazine because it is much "sexier".

He told Q magazine: "[Rock 'n' roll] is dead. There's no counterculture any more, nobody flash any more.

"There's loads of records I like but there's no interesting characters, no Johnny Thunders, the music's a retread. It's s***e.

"I'd much rather go to a talk by left-wing writers and philosophers than see bands.

"My kid said a few years ago, Christmas, granny was in the kitchen, 'Gimme Shelter' was on, she was singing along. He laughed and goes, 'Dad, you can't expect me to like the music my granny likes' and I went, 'Totally'.

"My kids like grime, drill, that's where the edge is now, it's sexier, more violent, more glamorous."

But the 56-year-old singer insisted that doesn't mean he is fading into history.

He said: "It's my culture. So I'm allowed to do it.

"We're in an art gallery and there was expressionism, surrealism, all the movements and they had their time. And rock 'n' roll's had it's time. Rock's just f***ing music for your granny."

And the 'Rocks' hitmaker will always be proud of his band and their work.

He said: "My band are from another century. It's bonkers but it's OK. We're rockers and proud of it. We gave our lives to rock 'n' roll...

"Not many people can say they've made one strong album. Good singles, yeah, but a classic album? We've made four."