Brett Anderson can't help wondering what life would have been like if Bernard Butler hadn't left Suede.

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

The 'Wild Ones' hitmaker admits there are things which he "bitterly regrets" and he often wonders how the group would have fared if the guitarist - who quit in 1994 and was subsequently replaced by Richard Oakes - had stayed.

He said: "I don't have any issues with the past. There's things I bitterly regret but everyone does.

"Specifically, with the history of Suede, I wonder where we would have gone as a band if Bernard had stayed.

"It's one of those alternative history things that obviously plays on my mind. I'd be a liar id I said I didn't think about it.

"But you can't go back and fix these things - they are unfixable."

Brett also admitted he and his bandmates experience a lot of "conflict" when working on new material, but now they are older, they don't let it affect them in the way they used to.

He told Mojo magazine: "I wouldn't say 'Night Thoughts' [new album] was as hard as [2013's] 'Bloodsports' but we go through a lot of conflict with the band when we're writing.

"Luckily, as people we're able to not let the conflict get too personal.

"When we were younger we didn't have the emotional tools to do that - hence the fact people leave bands."

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