Luke and Matt Goss have urged the Gallagher brothers to reconcile and reform Oasis.



The 48-year-old twins put their own differences aside to reform Bros and perform 30th anniversary concerts at The O2 in London in 2017 and more importantly for them they repaired their relationship as siblings.

The pair - who broke up Bros in 1992 - insist Noel and Liam need to put an end to their nine-year feud which has raged since the 51-year-old guitarist walked out on Oasis following a furious backstage bust-up with the 46-year-old singer and realise "how valuable brotherhood is".

Speaking to The I Paper, Luke said: "Independently, as well as together, Noel and Liam create magic. I can only hope - without any desire to get involved in their lives - that they find a way to realise how valuable brotherhood is. Music should not create casualties."

Joking that Bros and Oasis could do a joint tour if they do patch things up, Matt added: "I went to Noel's house many years ago. Oasis are a great band and I love their music. A 'Broasis' joint tour? I love the idea.

We stuck at it. We recognised during the storm that we would rather destroy the band than destroy our friendship."

Since playing their anniversary shows, Luke and Matt have vowed to never split up again because they've realised that the "incredible journey" that they've been on with the fans they made at the height of their fame in the late 80s isn't over yet.

Luke said: "We've made our decision that Bros will never disband again. We're still on an incredible journey with our community of fans. We are brothers for life."

The pair feature in new documentary 'Bros: After The Screaming Stops' - which hits cinemas from this Friday (09.11.18) - and Matt admits it was tough to make the film because it meant giving up his privacy.

The 'When Will I Be Famous?' hitmaker said: "We value our privacy most of all, which is why we've never milked our celebrity status for reality TV - so it was a fearful decision. This film nearly broke me. I didn't want to finish it at one point. I just wanted to go home. I had my life and I love singing but it was starting to get too painful and our relationship was in real jeopardy."