Calvin Harris would love to reunite with Rihanna as he revisits "a few older collaborators".

Calvin Harris is open to 'dream' Rihanna reunion

Calvin Harris is open to 'dream' Rihanna reunion

The superstar DJ has teamed up with Rag'n'Bone Man for the second time on new single 'Lovers In A Past Life', and he has enjoyed reconnecting with familiar faces.

Asked whether he could team up with Rihanna again in the future, he told Capital Dance that it's "the dream".

The duo previously worked together on 'We Found Love' and 'Where Have You Been'.

He insisted any potential collaborator has to have something truly special to wow him and find a spark in the same way the likes of RiRi, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith and Florence Welch have done in the past.

He explained: "The thing with me is that the voice has got to be spectacular or else I don't really want to be doing it, and the song has got to be amazing.

"I am not really one of those folk that just churns out tunes every few months, I want it to be special.

"And what I've found is that the people that I have worked with previously, they know me, they know what the vibe is, they know it's not gonna be weird or awkward - I'm gonna make it sound good, I'm gonna make them sound good."

Calvin also admitted sometimes he simply struggles to find a "really good voice" he's desperate to team up with.

He added: "Also it's just hard to find a really really good voice that I really really wanna work with.

"It's a self imposed bar that I've created and I don't wanna go under it because what's the point? I'd rather not put a tune out.

"So I am revisiting a few older collaborators."

Meanwhile, Calvin - who turned 40 in January - recently also revealed he plans to stop performing when he reaches his 50th birthday.

He added: "I always said that once I get past 50, I can’t see me DJing, man."