Carl Barat and Pete Doherty share a bond that is even closer than brothers.

Carl Barat

Carl Barat

The Libertines frontmen have endured a fraught relationship at times over the years but they have grown to realise they work much better when they're together than on separate endeavours.

Carl said: "I guess we're like brothers really - sometimes more.

"Our chemistry and bond is so tight that we've endured everything you can throw at a band and we've still come out strong and together.

"Try as we might, we can't pull apart and when we try and break up, it doesn't work.

"When you finally stop fighting it and realise that, it's a beautiful thing."

Carl has sons Eli, nine, and Ramone, five, with his fiancée Edie Langley, but insisted being a parent hasn't changed his life on the road as he tries to stay out of "dad mode".

He told OK! Magazine: "On tour I'm not quite in dad mode or quite as squeaky clean.

"Actually, this tour has been a dry tour, which is the first time I have ever done that.

"I mean, the last tour was quite the opposite.

"But don't write about us getting old.

"Tours are still pretty mental!"

Away from the band, Carl has been working with his sister Lucie on TV show 'The Heartless' and although he has enjoyed their collaboration, he admitted they don't always see eye-to-eye.

He said: "I love working with her.

"But we have our differences and our relationship can get a bit fiery.

"That's been my professional life with creative partnerships.

"The fiery ones are the good ones - harder to maintain but the products are always good."