Celine Dion sings Cher hit 'Believe' to get her ready for her performances.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker has admitted that she doesn't have a go-to karaoke song, but will often belt out Cher's 1998 track during her soundcheck before a concert, because it helps her to relax and get "comfortable on stage".

She said: "I don't really do karaoke much, but I have to admit that during sound check, when I'm trying to get myself comfortable on stage, I like to make people laugh and just laugh myself. So I pick a Cher song, usually 'Believe', to sing during that."

And it's not just Cher's hits that Celine is a fan of covering either, as she has recorded a cover of Chris Isaak track 'Wicked Game' as part of her very first Spotify Singles.

The track features Chris' backing vocals, and accompanies Celine's own single 'Imperfections', in a set of two songs that were both recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

Speaking about her decision to cover 'Wicked Game', she said: "I chose 'Wicked Game' [for my Spotify Singles] because it's one of my favourite songs of all time for many, many, many reasons. But also I love the black and white music video for the song, of Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen on the beach. It makes me think the whole world wants to be them."

Celine admits she didn't alter the track to fit her own voice, as she wanted to "respect the original version".

She added: "Sometimes you take a song that's not yours and you make it your own. But sometimes you decide not to. I've loved this song so much for so long that I decided to not change it much, I wanted to just respect the original version, which I still think is perfection."

'Imperfections', meanwhile, appeared on Celine's 2019 album 'Courage', and the 51-year-old music icon has said she's proud of how "involved" she was with the record.

Speaking to Spotify's For The Record blog, she said: "I was so involved in the creation and the creativity of it. I've never taken so long to record an album, and the new writers, songwriters, and producers were all phenomenal. It's the same Celine, but there are some different sounds and I'm trying different things that might be new for fans."

Fans of Celine can check out her Spotify Singles on the music streaming service now, as well as more than 500 other Spotify Singles recorded by more than 250 artists from around the world.

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