Charli XCX admits she knows she isn't "everybody's cup of tea".

Charli XCX has paid tribute to her longtime fans for supporting her creative vision

Charli XCX has paid tribute to her longtime fans for supporting her creative vision

The '360' hitmaker has just had her biggest-selling week yet with her acclaimed LP 'BRAT', which was beaten only by Taylor Swift's juggernaut, 'The Tortured Poets Department', to number one on the Official UK Chart, whilst it hit number three in the US.

Amid her massive career "moment", the 31-year-old hyperpop star has thanked her loyal fans who have stuck with her since the start of her career and "understand" her.

Before performing 'Sympathy is a Knife' at her Los Angeles concert at the weekend, she said: "It's just really cool, like, I just feel like artistry shines through, you know what I'm saying?

"I already know I'm not everybody's cup of tea, don't get me wrong, but um, I am just really appreciative for the people who've been there from the jump, and understood my vision. I don't know. The whole thing that's going on at the moment, people keep texting me, 'You're having a moment. A moment.'

"It's very cool, but I just want to say thank you to all of you guys, who have been here. I just really appreciate that because I would be nothing without you. So seriously, thank you so much."

Despite the success, Charli recently insisted she didn't go chasing a number one with 'BRAT'.

During an interview with British GQ, she said: “I’m constantly going back and forth in my conflict around fame and what constitutes success.

“This new music is not going to be played in Starbucks. It’s not going to be played on the Zen Morning playlist.

“It’s pop music and I’m being true to myself.

“But I also know that if I chose a slightly different, maybe more palatable path, I do have the skills as a songwriter to write big Top 40 pop hits."

The ‘I Love It’ hitmaker added that her fans would know she was being "inauthentic" if she focused on commercial success.

She said: “Sometimes I tempt myself with going there, but I think the problem is my fanbase knows that that’s not who I am, so they kind of smell a rat, and they’re like, ‘This is inauthentic.’

"But I think that sometimes puts me in this position where the masses are like, ‘What the f*** is this?’”

Charli also knows that reaching the top of the charts would not bring her any happiness.

She explained: “I would in no way be as happy, creatively satisfied or, honestly, as good as some of the people who are operating on a hugely commercial level, because maybe I’m just not built for it.”