Coleen Nolan "used to cringe" at 'I'm In the Mood For Dancing'.

Coleen Nolan reflects on the success of The Nolans' biggest hit more than 40 years on from its release

Coleen Nolan reflects on the success of The Nolans' biggest hit more than 40 years on from its release

The 58-year-old star replaced her sister Anne in the lineup of pop group The Nolans in 1980 and performed alongside her other sisters Maureen, Linda, and the late Bernie but admitted ahead of hitting the road for her first solo tour that whilst she struggled with their biggest hit as a teenager, she is now incredibly thankful for it because she has since been able to carve out a successful TV career.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Well, I was 14 or something when that was released. I think when you're a young kind of teenager, it almost feels cringe when you go out and one of your songs comes on, and it's not considered a cool song at the time because it's all constant and stuff like that.

"So I think at that point, I was like, ‘Oh my God, no!’

"Now, I just thank God for it. Because if it wasn't for that song, I wouldn't be on ‘Loose Women’. I wouldn't be doing my first solo tour. My sisters wouldn't still be working. That song has just been with whole time. And I love them really proud of the fact that very, very young kids know it up to grannies. I think that's probably why it stayed around as long as it has because it is appeals to everyone. I’m very, very grateful for that song."

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate will be performing the classic track - which hit #3 on the charts when it was released in 1979 - as part of her solo tour 'Naked' and explained that she is "really scared" about heading out on her own for the first time but is "excited" as well.

She said: "That’s why I called it ‘Naked’, I feel, very alone! It’s always been either with my sisters or the Loose Women or it's been part of a good company. But going out on your own tour is really scary.

"And a lot of people think it's like ‘An Audience With…’ or a one-woman show but it's backing singers and doing all the songs everyone knows because they'll know the lyrics and I don't! I'm having sleepless nights trying to learn lyrics of songs.

"So I’m really, really scared but I'm also really excited the same time. "

Coleen's 'Naked' tour runs at various venues across the UK throughout February and March.

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