A petition has been launched to rename a New York street after the late rap legend MF DOOM.



The ‘KMD-MF DOOM Way Committee’ has started the Change.org appeal, which calls for the block between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road on East Hudson Street in Long Beach to be named in DOOM's honour, as he grew up in the area.

The petition reads: “Hip-hop leaders credit Mr. Dumile [DOOM’s real name was Daniel Dumile] as one of the most prolific rap artists of all time. His life served as an example of inclusive community building and growth through individual struggle. Long Beach profoundly influenced his adolescence.

“People of various backgrounds and cultures worldwide recognise him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, underground hip-hop artist of all time. Mr. Dumile’s ability to unite people across cultures started as a youth in Long Beach.

“Long Beach should be proud of its native son and honour him and his legacy on a street sign. Just as important, the city should embrace the unity Mr. Dumile represents for generations to come. (sic)"

The petition has amassed over 600 signatures at the time of writing.

DOOM  - whose real name was Daniel Dumile - passed away on October 31, aged just 49, a statement by his family confirmed two months later.

The likes of Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco and Thom Yorke were among those to pay tribute to the hip-hop icon upon the tragic news of his passing.

The former hailed DOOM - who he had frequently collaborated with since their 1991 track 'Nitty Gritty Remix' with his group KMD -  a "God MC and incredible human being"

While the Radiohead frontman said he was a "massive inspiration".

He wrote: “He was a massive inspiration to so many of us.

“The way he put words was often shocking in it’s genius (sic)"