Eurthymics are set to make £100 million be reforming for a world tour.

Eurythmics are set to reunite for a world tour

Eurythmics are set to reunite for a world tour

The 'There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)' duo - comprising Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart - went their separate ways in 1990 but have reunited several times since and after getting back together earlier this year to perform at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they have been asked by promotors to go on the road together for the first time in over 20 years.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper's The Goss column: “Eurythmics have been offered a huge amount to reform for a world tour.

“Seeing them perform together again at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has really stirred the interests of promoters who are throwing money at the band to hit the road again.

“Nothing is off the table, including a brand new studio album.

“It is very early days but everyone is excited to bring the project to life.”

Dave admitted earlier this year he finds performing with Annie - who he was also previously in a relationship with - "a rollercoaster" and an "exhausting emotional experience" because of the nature of their bond.

He said: "It’s a rollercoaster because of the emotional connection between Annie and myself. People cry at some songs and it’s an exhausting emotional experience for Annie singing too. A lot of the songs we’ve written together are about us being together.

"So it’s not a straightforward concert going outwards to the audience - it’s like going inwards to us as well, as a duo or as a couple.”

Dave - who has two adult kids Sam and Django with his ex, Bananarama Siobhan Fahey, and two daughters Kaya and Indya with his current wife Anoushka Fisz - says their dynamic is “unusual” as its the reverse of other bands with ex lovers.

He said: “It’s unusual. Usually a couple are in a band together, the band gets successful and then they break up. Ours was the other way around - we were a couple and in a band but didn’t write any of the songs for it or while we were living together. Then we decided not to be together, formed Eurythmics and wrote about 140 songs about it.”