Fall Out Boy have sold a vinyl of their new album containing actual human tears.

Fall Out Boy put their tears into the album

Fall Out Boy put their tears into the album

The 'Love From The Other Side' rockers have launched a bizarre limited edition version of their LP 'So Much (For) Stardust' filled with real tears for "maximum emotional fidelity".

The so-called Crynyl records sold out of pre-orders within an hour on Monday (01.05.23) with just 50 copies available, although the band said some have been held back for a giveaway.

The package includes a double-sided, tear-filled LP in a gatefold box with built-in tissue dispenser.

On the Crynyl site for the special edition album, it reads: 'Music is more than just sound waves. It's passion, struggle, and emotion.

'That's why we developed a new kind of record: one that contains the artists' actual tears.

'When you listen to a Crynyl release, you're not just listening to what the artist played, you're feeling what they felt."

The band joked that the records "may contain eyeliner traces".

They added: "Every Crynyl release is filled with actual tears from the artist.

"We gather tears samples using sterile collection kits, dilute them into a sonically-optimized solution, then seal them into each record using proprietary Crynylseal technology."

Fall Out Boy returned to their rock roots on 'So Much (For) Stardust', which came after 2018's 'MANIA' was them trying to survive in a hostile industry.

Bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz previously told Variety: "I feel like our thoughts on ‘MANIA’ were taken a little out of context.

"Two records before, we were making albums in a landscape that was not particularly friendly to bands, and so we were just trying to figure out how to survive.

"It was like The Last of Us: The Pop Radio Version, starring Fall Out Boy fighting the zombies that do not want bands existing.”