Haim's new song 'Summer Girl' was inspired by a cancer diagnosis.

'Summer Girl' hitmakers Haim

'Summer Girl' hitmakers Haim

Danielle Haim has opened up about what the song means to her, as she revealed her partner was diagnosed with the disease a couple of years ago but is now thankfully all in the clear.

Writing on social media, she shared: "summer girl is out ... I wrote it around the time my partner was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago... (he's in the clear now!) we were touring on and off at this time and every time we were on the phone with each other or when I would come home in between shows, I wanted to be this light that shined on him when he was feeling very dark. I wanted to be his hope when he was feeling hopeless. so I kept singing these lines - I'm your sunny girl/I'm your fuzzy girl/I'm your summer girl - over the bass line. summer girl stuck. (sic)"

And it "all clicked" when a friend came up with a saxophone solo for it.

She added in a lengthy post: "fast forward to a couple months ago - I remembered this demo and pulled it up from my phone. we were kinda joking about how the doot doot doot part reminded us of [Lou Reed song] walk on the wild side... it's very inspired by Lou and we kept it that way. I brought it back to my partner Ariel - where the inspiration first started - and he put some finishing touches on it and here we are! (sic)"

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