Harry Styles' music is inspired by "sadness and sex".

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The 25-year-old singer has written on all of the tracks from his second solo record 'Fine Line', which will be released next month, and said he took inspiration from his own life.

When asked by Jools Holland on BBC Two's 'Later... with Jools Holland' what the album is about, Harry said: "Typical stuff really like being sad, having sex and stuff. It's what everything's about really."

When Jools joked that he should change the name of his show to 'Sadness and Sex' as it is a common theme for popular music, Harry quipped: "but not sad sex, sad sex is ... no."

Jools also asked Harry about songwriters he admires and which songs he wishes he had written himself.

Harry answered: "All of them really but maybe 'Right Down The Line' by Gerry Rafferty. I just love it, it's a groove. Or any Harry Nilsson song. Whenever I'm working on music, I listen to Nilsson a lot. He's good at not taking it too seriously, which I think I need. I think I sometimes take it too seriously."

'Fine Line' is the follow-up to Harry's eponymous first solo record and he says the new album is "a lot more fun".

He said: "It's a lot more fun, I had a lot more fun making it. I think the first record, I was subconsciously making any fun songs a little bit. With the first one, I feel I was trying not to get it wrong a bit too much so I kind of feel like I was bowling with the sides up but I've taken them off now."