Vick Hope is proud that Britain is an "important musical force" in the world.

Vick Hope is working with Mastercard to champion music industry trailblazers ahead of The BRIT Awards

Vick Hope is working with Mastercard to champion music industry trailblazers ahead of The BRIT Awards

The BBC Radio 1 DJ thinks the impact artists from the UK have had on pop culture is astonishing and she insists that the music scene across the country has never been more vibrant.

Speaking to Stylist, she said: "If you look at the size of our country, in comparison to the US, and then look at our musical output, it’s honestly wild! We are such an important musical force and even though we’re geographically small, our music differs up and down the country with each region showcasing something a little different.

"I’m from Newcastle and the north east has such a rich live music heritage, but my brother lives in Liverpool and that’s a city that also has such incredible music and history. There’s so much going on.

"The importance and value of music can be undermined, especially by the people who don’t want to spend money on it. But it’s something to be nurtured and protected."

Vick, 34, is working with Mastercard, which is celebrating its 26th year as headline sponsor of The BRIT Awards, to champion music industry trailblazers ahead of the ceremony.

Mastercard has unveiled a new initiative to celebrate and platform the next generation of music.

The organisation is shining a light on a group of trailblazing individuals driving positive change in the music industry across technology, diversity and inclusion.

At a panel event held this week, the presenter discussed the future of music and the work underway to make music more accessible for all. The panel included Mastercard ambassador Young Athena, BRIT School Principal Stuart Worden, Orchestra Live’s Sooree Pillay and musician Elizabeth J Birch.

Vick - who is married to 'One Kiss' hitmaker Calvin Harris - said: "I feel so inspired by the individuals and organisations Mastercard has showcased today, all of whom are contributing to greater accessibility and inclusion in our thriving industry and are carving a path for a whole new generation of music makers and listeners.”

Kelly Devine, Division President for Mastercard UK and Ireland, added: "The UK continues to be at the forefront of innovation and it’s inspiring to see artists, producers and grassroots campaigners drive inclusion and embrace technology to create opportunities for the next generation to make and experience music in new and exciting ways. Mastercard is proud to shine a light on just some of these individuals ahead of what’s set to be another fantastic night at The BRIT Awards."

The Mastercard music trailblazers are Geo Aghinea, Elizabeth. J. Birch, Kris Halpin, Joe Hastings, Gawain Hewitt, Sooree Pillay and Megan Steinberg.

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