Jared Leto has promised Thirty Seconds To Mars' new album will be "incredible".

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

The 44-year-old rocker-and-actor admitted he never expected the group - who released their self-titled debut LP almost 14 years ago - to still be going strong, but he is very excited about their upcoming fifth record.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We are working on our fifth album now, which is incredible. We never thought we would get this far.

"We're almost done with it and it looks like it will be out in 2017."

Jared's comments came after the 'Kings and Queens' hitmakers teased the new record - the title of which has not yet been revealed - in a video posted to social media earlier this week.

The brief teaser simply read "Thirty Seconds to Mars / Interscope: 2017" and "Coming 2017". It was accompanied by the hashtag "#MarsIsComing."

The group will release the new album on Interscope after previously being involved in a battle with EMI/Virgin Records when they tried to get out of their contract, eventually leaving the label in 2014.

And after quitting Virgin Records, the 'Suicide Squad' actor admitted it was "exciting" to look at their options for releasing their music.

He said at the time: "I don't hate on record companies, I'm just anti-corruption, anti-greed.

"I think record companies can make fair, clear deals with artists and still be really profitable. So, we're looking at our options. We have several labels that want to work with us. They know what we've been through.

"We have been signed to a label since 1998, so for the first time ever we are actually free, and it's exciting. There are limitless options out there.

"Tech options, crowd-funding options, but record companies are still a really great option too, because you have a group of people who believe in music, who help artists bring their dreams to life."

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