Kate Nash "lost [her] mind" on tour.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

The 'Foundations' hitmaker admitted life on the road isn't very glamorous and she's grown to accept there will always be a point where she goes "insane".

She said: "There is a point on tour when you go insane.

"Especially when you have to deal with a rank dressing room, like we did in Boston. I actually lost my mind a little bit.

"I opened my towel and a gigantic clump of other people's hair fell on me.

"The routine is not glamorous. There's a stage where you can't get clean. Even after a shower you think 'Well that was pointless, it's in my pores.'

"You're just dirty and there's nothing you can do about it."

But the 32-year-old star loves the camaraderie between herself and her band.

She told Grazia magazine: "Living on a tour bus is like being at a teenage camp, you revert back to really silly jokes and weird routines.

"Once we bought these kids torches that had dinosaur shapes at the end.

"We would shine them on the roof of the bus and everyone would have to make up stories.

"You bond so much because you end up having so many deep and meaningful conversations.

"I love my band - they're like my sisters.

"I feel lucky that I have a job where I get to spend so much time with people I really love."

Kate struggles to sleep and often worries it'll impact on her shows.

She said: "After I finish a performance on tour I'll be buzzing until 3 or 4 am. I definitely can't sleep straight away. You have to get rid of that energy...

"I've had really bad insomnia since I was 14. I've been scarred from being a teenager!

"But I can do a lot in little sleep - it's what gets me through tour.

"I get nervous and think I'm going to crash before the performance.

"I always think, 'F**k, how am I going to move my legs and do the show?' but then right before you go on, you get this crazy adrenaline rush and it all kicks in."

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