Katy B will never make an album of ballads.

Katy B

Katy B

The 26-year-old singer may have turned to music to help her get through the death of her brother 18 months ago and her heartbreaking split from her boyfriend but she's adamant she'll never release a collection filled with sentimental tracks.

She explained: "I'd love to do something with a unified sound. But I could never make an album of ballads, I need flavour."

And, when the 'Crying for No Reason' hitmaker does decide to make another album, she's adamant she'll get more females on board the project because she has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Radio 1 resident Hannah Wants, producer Kate Simko and Disclosure collaborator Sasha Keable on her new release 'Honey' over the past few years.

Speaking to NME magazine, she said: "When I finished, I did think, 'Wow, It's a bit of a sausage party in here.

"But I'd never see another woman as competition. I once had a massive support slot taken away from me because it was decided this artist couldn't tour with another female act. I'll definitely work with more female acts in the future."

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