Liam Payne is "still trying to find his feet" on stage.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

The 'Bedroom Floor' hitmaker may have performed for some of the biggest crowds in the world and still suffers from stage fright but feels grateful to be doing what he loves.

He said: "I am still trying to find my feet. But when I used to go on stage with 1D, at the start I was nervous. Then, after a while, it was the same 22 songs every day in different places ... you become 22 and 23 years old and you are still singing this song from when you were 17. It just feels weird, and I'm sure every artist would say that. Now I am back doing it again, and doing what I love to do."

And the 24-year-old singer - who has 12-month-old son Bear with his partner Cheryl Tweedy - admits he wasn't quite sure what genre of music to pursue when he went solo.

He added to The National: "I have a songwriter who I worked very closely with over the years. He told me: 'I know what I'd do if I was working with Niall. I know what I'd do if I was working with Harry. But with you, I don't know because there's no limit to what you want to do really.' The fact that I can sing in a lot of different lanes is a blessing and a curse. But I can't complain. The thing is, when you are in a band, you find out where you fit in. When you are on your own it's different. Once you lay the foundations and get a few hits under your belt, you get confidence. Then you start to step out of your zone and find out exactly who you are underneath."