Mel B has teased that some "really good news" is coming for Spice Girls fans.

Mel B (centre) has teased that good news is on the way for Spice Girls fans

Mel B (centre) has teased that good news is on the way for Spice Girls fans

The 48-year-old pop star last performed with bandmates Geri Halliwell, Melanie C, and Emma Bunton as part of their UK stadium tour in 2019 but after the 'Say You'll Be There' hitmakers were recently honoured with a set of Royal Mail postage stamps, she has revealed that more is on the cards for the 1990s girl group, this time even involving Victoria Beckham who has not been seen with the band for more than a decade.

Speaking on 'The Today Show', she said: "I've been saying it forever but now we're gonna be releasing some really good news in a few weeks which involves all five of us.

"So we've got our stamps out from the Royal Mail, which has never been done before. It is a massive for the Royal Mail, usually it's the Queen or the King and now it's the Spice Girls!

"But there's five of us, with five different diaries. We're all parents.

"[Fans] will be 100 per cent satisifed and it's gonna be the gift that keeps on giving."

The Spice Girls wrote their hit song 'Wannabe' during their first writing session in 1995 along with Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard and released it as their chart-topping debut in July the following year.

But even though the classic pop track - which took just 30 minutes to put together - has just reached one billion streams on Spotify, Mel refused to clarify what the lyric "zig-a-zig ah" actually means.

She said: "It's a group secret, but you can make it of what you want. I made up that word, and I can't tell you. If I did, I would have to kill you."