Michael Bublé was told his music would "never" sell.

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé

The 41-year-old singer has sold over 55 million albums worldwide since his debut album was released in 2001, but it hasn't always been easy as he was previously shunned by producer David Foster and told he would "never be signed" to the Warner Bros. record label.

Speaking on UK radio station BBC Radio 4, the 'Haven't Met You Yet' singer said: "[David Foster said] 'You will never be signed to my label, I will never produce you. You are talented but I see no record sales for this genre of music.'

"To dismiss me, [Foster] said, 'For $100,000 a track, I will produce on spec a record for you, and because I'm an executive of Warner Bros they'll get first right of refusal.'

"And then he pushed me out the door thinking he would never see me again."

But the encounter with the producer - who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion - only made the 'Feeling Good' musician more determined to raise the money and prove him wrong.

He added: "What he didn't know was that I would go back to Vancouver and go bank to bank with a manager I had at the time and find an investor.

"I flew back to Los Angeles and went to David's house, and he said 'What do you want?' And I said 'Mr Foster I have the money.'

"He couldn't believe I had come back. But he said, 'All right', and we started making the record."

The challenges didn't stop there, as the 'It's a Beautiful Day' singer then had to convince Warner Bros. to sign him.

He said: "I walked into the Warner Bros records' home in Burbank, and I don't think I'd ever been as terrified.

"This executive named Tom Whalley came in the room and he said 'Why should we sign you? We have [Frank] Sinatra.'

"And I said 'With all due respect, Sinatra's dead, don't bury the music with him.' I said 'I'll work hard and help fill the void and we will keep this music alive together'.

"Three days later, I was on the treadmill and my grandfather was with me, and the doors flung open and my grandfather said 'Sunshine, you're with Warner Bros'."