Miley Cyrus wants her Glastonbury crowd to throw bras at her on stage.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

The 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' hitmaker will take to the Pyramid Stage right after Kylie Minogue - who plays the Legend's slot - on Sunday (30.06.19) and she wants to relive her controversial 2014 'Bangerz World Tour', by asking her fans to ditch their underwear and shower her with bras like they did five years ago in "liberation".

Miley told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "On my tour with 'Bangerz', girls would throw their bras on stage and I don't know if they do that with any other girls.

"They do it with guy bands. They go and see the Rolling Stones and they throw their bras, but no one does it at girls and it wasn't just this thing of like actual sex, but just like this liberation thing."

The 'Younger Now' hitmaker came under fire for antics such as simulating a sex act on a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask on the tour, but insisted at the time that she gave fans a pre-warning her shows would be X-rated.

She tweeted at the time: "You can't say I didn't warn you. Now sit back relax & enjoy the show. #bangerztour (sic)"

The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Miley on stage in a revealing outfit exposing her butt.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker then blasted her critics by telling them to "save" their outrage.

She quipped: "Save your complaints for the McDonalds drive thru when they forget the 'fries with that' (sic)"

The raunchy tour also saw her stuff a fan's underwear in her mouth while performing.

Miley - who is married to Liam Hemsworth - surprised the audience at her Tacoma show when she spotted the red undergarment thrown by a member of the audience then wrapped it round her microphone and put it in her mouth.

Other surreal moments, included Cyrus riding a giant hot dog, rubbing her crotch and sucking on a foam finger, as well as plenty of her signature moves - sticking out her tongue and twerking.

The 26-year-old pop star said that she wanted the show to be "educational" for children.

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