Jet's Nic Cester doesn't see the band making an album because it's too "tricky".

Rock band Jet

Rock band Jet

The 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' hitmaker says the Australian rockers' recent 15th anniversary tour of their debut album 'Get Born' was his way of parking the group in a "better place", after going on hiatus with ill-feelings towards one another when the band dissolved in 2012, and that new music isn't in the future.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Nick said: "With Jet we didn't think beyond the tour, we've done the last scheduled show in London.

"The most important thing for me was to park Jet in a much better place than where I left it eight years ago and we have.

"I just don't know about an album. Jet is a tricky thing because it always has the potential to become very volatile at any moment - it's a very dangerous environment!"

Since parting ways, the 'Cold Hard Bitch' singer - who is joined by Cameron Muncey, Mark Wilson and his brother Chris Cester in the group - has opened a restaurant with his touring band member Sergio in Milan, Italy, and has just released his solo LP 'Sugar Rush'.

Nic says that running an eatery is much like being in a band and that he loves to keep busy with more than just one project at a time.

He said: "For me, all my efforts are focused on my solo album and I've just written a song for a film, I just don't want to get stuck in one thing again. I run a restaurant in Milan, Italy, with the drummer Sergio in my new band, I'm very hands on with that and I love it.

"I love doing a whole range of things, it keeps the brain firing.

"People don't know I'm a rock singer necessarily but I do swan around there.

"Running a restaurant is like being in a band, the menu is the album, the plates are the tunes and you've got to make sure it's all humming along nicely.

"The chef is definitely the lead singer, you've got to be careful with those guys."

Nic Cester's album 'Sugar Rush' is out now.

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