Noel Gallagher is getting his own 'Later... with Jools Holland' special.

Noel Gallagher follows Arctic Monkeys with his special episode

Noel Gallagher follows Arctic Monkeys with his special episode

On Saturday night's (10.06.23) episode of the BBC Two music show the host teased that "later this series" the former Oasis guitarist will be joining him for a whole programme dedicated to the 'Some Might Say' hitmaker.

The upcoming episode was previewed by the 56-year-old rocker's live rendition of ‘Open The Door, See What You Find’ from his latest solo album with his High Flying Birds, ‘Council Skies'.

More live performances of tracks from the record are expected.

The 'Pretty Boy' singer narrowly missed out on a number one in the Official UK Album Chart with the LP, losing out to Foo Fighters' 'But Here We Are'.

Last year, Arctic Monkeys served up a live set for their own 'Later...' special.

Meanwhile, Noel has insisted his estranged brother Liam, 50, is "full of s***" and is too scared to be in the same room as him.

The musician claims he hasn't heard anything from his former bandmate or his team, despite his repeated public declarations of wanting to reunite their former group, and admitted he isn't expecting anyone to call because the 'Everything's Electric' singer won't want to have a difficult conversation.

Noel told The Times newspaper’s Saturday Review: “Liam ain’t called. I’m not expecting him to, because he’s full of s*** and very disingenuous with his beloved Oasis fans. I say to him, ‘Get somebody to call somebody my end. Let’s see what you’ve got to say.’ Guess what? My phone has not twitched once.

“He knows for a fact that should someone call me, and I go, ‘You know what? F*** it. Let’s do it,’ then he has to actually stand in the same room as me.

"Then it will be, ‘All right, d*******, how you doing? Before we go any further, there’s a few things I have to say to you.’ That’s when the a*** will fall out of his trousers.”

The 'Easy Now' singer insisted Liam is a "bully" who doesn't like to be confronted about his own behaviour and urged his younger brother to get in touch if he is serious about reuniting Oasis, who split in 2009 due to the tension between the siblings.

He said: “If it’s going to happen, Liam has to pull it off. It’s got to be the best it has ever been. But he’s one of these guys and they’re ten a penny, particularly up in Manchester, the bully, who when you put it on ’em and say, ‘Come on then, let’s see what you’ve got,’ start doing a lot of harrumphing.

“Liam is like a violent version of Arthur Fonzarelli. So I’ll say it again: I’m free, back end of 2024. He could even video himself calling me. That would be good for his little f****** Twitter feed. But since then he’s gone quiet. Funny, innit?”