Jo O’Meara would be “up for” an S Club 7 reunion.

Jo O'Meara

Jo O'Meara

The ‘Bring It All Back’ hitmakers – comprised of Jo, Bradley McIntosh, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens, and Tina Barrett – were a hit in the late 90s and early 2000s before their split in 2003, and previously reunited in 2015 for a tour of the UK.

And Jo has said she’d be keen to get the group back together again when the “timing’s right”.

Asked by Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on FUBAR Radio about a reunion, she said: “I think I'd be up for it. Yeah. When the time, if the timing’s right. Because obviously getting seven diaries together to sort of like, it's tough because you know, few of us have got children and people are married and got other careers going on. So timing is always a big, massive, it has a big part to play in it. Definitely. But you never know, could be reaching again one day.”

However, Jo insisted they don’t have an “S Club WhatsApp group” where they talk about reuniting.

She added: “There’s not an S Club WhatsApp group. It would be going like, ‘Ping, ping ping’ all the time. But do you know what? There's no, there's nothing set in stone. There's been no meetings or anything like that. I mean I’d say, I'd never say never to it. You just, you never know what's around the corner. But who knows, that’s all I’m saying.”

Before the ‘Reach’ hitmakers finalise potential reunion plans, Jo will be hard at work with the re-launch of her solo career, after she released her debut solo album ‘Relentless’ back in 2005.

When asked what made her return to music now, she said: “It's now or never, really. Because I'm sort of like, getting older. And also if I hadn't took the opportunity and done it, I would have been just thinking to myself, ‘Oh, I wonder if I'd given it a go, what might've been’. And I just thought, ‘You just got to go for opportunities when they’re handed to you’. So I've just gone for it. And I'm so pleased I did because I feel so good at the minute. I'm feeling very positive.

“I mean, obviously I'm so excited because I think to get a record deal, like it's really quite lucky, really. But I am, I'm very excited, but I am nervous, yeah. Because it's been 16 years since I put my first solo album out there. It's a long time.”