The video for The Beatles newly released song ‘Now and Then’ made George Harrison’s son cry, says its director Peter Jackson.

The Beatles' new music video was emotional for George Harrison's son

The Beatles' new music video was emotional for George Harrison's son

The late guitarist - who was best known as part of the legendary group alongside Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Ringo Starr - had Dhani, 45, with wife Olivia Harrison and now 'Lord of the Rings' director Peter has revealed that the only child of George was "immediately" moved when he saw the music video for the track.

Peter said that his “eyes immediately filled with tears - so that is the way we went.”

The acclaimed director is a big fan of the 'Hey Jude' rockers and went on to describe their "contribution" to the world as "immense" as he noted that he needed to steer every viewer of the new video to have their own "personal farewell" to the band.

He also said: “Their contribution to the world is too immense, and their wondrous gift of music has become part of our DNA and now defies description. I realised we needed the imagination of every viewer to do what we couldn’t, and have each viewer create their own personal moment of farewell to The Beatles – but we had to gently steer everyone to that place. I had some vague ideas, but didn’t really know how to achieve this.”

Peter detailed the “overwhelming” task of doing their last ever video for the band for their Artifical-Intelligence assisted song that samples a 70s sample created by John Lennon - who was assisnated in 1980 aged 40 - that was sent to the rest of the band in the 90s by his widow Yoko Ono, 90.

He said: “I could have that experience once again – all I had to do was say no to The Beatles. To be honest, just thinking about the responsibility of having to make a music video worthy of the last song The Beatles will ever release produced a collection of anxieties almost too overwhelming to deal with. My lifelong love of The Beatles collided into a wall of sheer terror at the thought of letting everyone down. This created intense insecurity in me because I’d never made a music video before, and was not able to imagine how I could even begin to create one for a band that broke up over 50 years ago, had never actually performed the song, and had half of its members no longer with us.”