Pixie Lott says lying about her age to become a singer was a "good" move.

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

The 'Turn It Up' hitmaker was 14 when she deliberately told music bosses she was two-years-older so she could audition to be the next "pop diva" - but she's glad she did, because it was the first stepping stone to her success.

The blonde beauty confessed: "They said they were looking for the next pop diva, but you had to be 16 and I wasn't 16 at the time, so when I went for the audition I pretended I was 16 so that I could audition.

"When they said they wanted to work with me I had to spill the beans but they weren't too angry; they were actually happy, because I guess it gave them more time. That was the first step to meeting the right people, so it was a good milestone."

And the stunner - who's promoting her first podcast series 'Small Moments' - revealed she's had the "performing" bug ever since.

Pixie, 24, added: "Still to this day my favourite thing is performing. I remember the first proper gig I did was Radio 2 Introducing, at Maida Vale with Dermot O'Leary.

"I sort of felt like I'd been thrown in at the deep end. But I just thrived on it, absolutely loved it, and I just thought that if it's going to be like this I can't wait to do more."

Pixie Lott's podcast series, Small Moments, is available to download now from audioBoom: www.audioboom.com/channel/smallmoments

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